Hedgehogs are a brutal race, constantly at war with external forces or other tribes. The hedgehogs were never incredibly civilized or educated. While other races spoke and wrote of theories and philosophies, the hedgehogs waged war. They lived and do live in tribes, scattered throughout the land. Most have their tribal headquarters on the peak of a mountain, for defense and for tradition.

Physical Description
Hedgehogs are big and burly, ranging between 8 to 10 inches in height. Their backs and shoulders are covered in sharp spikes about 1 inch long. A hedgehogs fur can be from a light to a dark brown, though on rare occasions a blond hedgehog is born. These are considered to be blessed. Hedgehogs often take trophies from the corpes of worthy opponents, and will occasionally incorporate it into their dress.

Hedgehogs live on the island-continent of Brekattal, where they organize themselves in a tribal structure. If the tribes are not fighting some external force encroaching upon their land, they are fighting one another. However, what makes Brekattal’s tribal structure different is that each of these tribes is part of a domain, and each domain is ruled by the Pantheon, which is located in the highest and most central peak in Brekattal. The Pantheon is the judicial as well as the executive body of Brekattal.

Hedgehog society is a warrior-centric one, and as such, they view races that rely on magic as weak. Frogs in particular get the brunt of the hedgehogs’ disdain, as do timberlings because of their worship of a tree that might not even exist. If the squirrels weren’t such good fighters, they would most likely to be judged because of their theocracy. Hedgehogs and moles often rub each other the wrong way becuase of their differing views on warfare. Hedgehogs often don’t even notice field mice because of their demeanor and small stature.

Alignment and Religion
Hedgehogs, by nature, lean toward chaos, due to their constant warring and frequent barbarism. However, they tend to put the intrests of the tribe first, putting them closer to good on the good and evil axis.

The way to become a hero and create your own tribe involves doing something that catches the Pantheon’s attention, and adventuring is often the best way to do this. Alternatively, a hedgehog might be fleeing from the judgement of the Pantheon because of the actions of their tribe’s hero.

Male Names

Female Names

Hedgehog Racial Traits

+2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Intelligence: Hedgehogs are tough and aware of their surroundings, but not very bright.
Medium: Hedgehogs are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Hedgehogs have a base speed of 3 feet.
Weapon Familiarity: Hedgehogs are proficient with the greataxe and treat any weapon with the word “hedgehog” in it as a martial weapon.


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